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Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeong dong

A hotel that promises to change


“Henn” at Henn na Hotel is a manifestation that it will continue to change.
“Henn na Hotel” supports a comfortable hotel stay with various advanced technologies.

In order to meet the needs of our customers in detail, we thought that it was essential to be sensitive to the trends of the world at that time and continue to change.
For example, contactless check-in on your smartphone. It’s not just a device to get attention
The starting point is the idea of ​​”how can I spend more comfortably?”

The interior of the hotel, which is inorganic and simple, has the image of a spaceship.
The style in which robots play an active role throughout the building and actively introduce cutting-edge technology is reminiscent of a living space in the near future.

At Henn na Hotel, which aims to realize a more comfortable space,
We promise to continue pursuing “Henn” without being bound by preconceived ideas or routine patterns.

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