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📢Information on measures to prevent COVID-19 virus infection📢

– Information on disinfection and preventive measures to prevent COVID-19 virus infection. –

We are informing you of the currently being conducted in Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong to prevent COVID-19, so please check and cooperate with hotel users.


■ Preventive measures for Hotel employees

  • It mandates all employees to manage personal hygiene and wear masks while working, and regularly measures body temperature during work/rest to manage and monitor the measurement results and body condition.


■ Room

  • Ventilate at the same time as cleaning.
  • Intensive cleaning and disinfection of areas with high contact (light switches, handles, remote controls, etc.).
  • Air conditioners equipped with air cleaning function provide a more pleasant environment.


■ Front desk, lobby, and shared facilities

  • Check-in/Check-out is performed untact through a kiosk to prevent contact with others as much as possible.
  • We are checking the temperature of hotel users in real time with a non-contact thermometer.
  • We are working hard to manage the hygiene of users by providing hand sanitizers at the entrance of the hotel.
  • Clean and disinfect places where many people come into contact, such as kiosks, doorknobs, house phones, and elevators, regularly.
  • Open the door for a certain period of time to ventilate the lobby as a whole.


■ When you use the Hotel

  • When entering, please use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance and cooperate in providing access information through a list of visitors or QR check.


■ When you use a restaurant

  • Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance of the restaurant before sitting down. And please fill out the entry list or register the entry through the phone.
  • Please wear a mask except for mealtime and refrain from talking.


Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong will continue to make efforts to ensure that all customers can use it with confidence.