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[🌃Night View of Han River Park in Spring🌃]

It’s April when you can feel the spring energy! 🌸

The weather in the morning and evening when the cold wind blew is getting warmer.

In Hangang Park, where you can see the Han River, people are constantly coming to see the night view😀👍

Would you like to enjoy the view of the Han River on a spring day while having a cool drink on a green lawn? ^^🎵


★How to get to Jamwon Hangang Park from the Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong (shortest distance to Hangang Park) ★

[Namdaemun Tax Office.Seoul Paik Hospital] Take bus No. 472 at the bus stop

[Sinsa Middle School] Take bus 4318 at the bus stop

[SHINBANPO 18th Apartment] Get off at the bus stop

Public transportation (bus) takes about 30 minutes / It may vary depending on the traffic situation.