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■Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong Live for a month (2022.05.01~2022.07.31)■ 

▶ Accommodation information
● Period and fee: Twin : KRW 1,440,000 per month / Twin with Namsan View : KRW 1,740,000 (30 nights and 31 days) (including VAT)

●One week (7 nights) Twin : KRW 385,000 (including VAT)
● Pre-payment at check-in (non-refundable, no schedule change)
● Non smoking room / Up to 2 people

● Unable to parking lot


▶ Room Information
● 50-inch SAMSUNG SMART TV (IPTV available), refrigerator, air conditioner, GIGA Genie, electric pot, dryer, safe, gown, shampoo/conditioner/shower gel, slipper, cotton set, bottled water, green tea bag, blackout curtain
● Free Wi-Fi
● Bathroom (700×1200 bath available), sink, and toilet separated
● Door chain
● Cleaning & equipment setting/exchange once every 7 days (Can be designated as a day) – Additional equipment in the room is provided only when cleaning
● Smoking room, coin laundry room, ice maker, microwave oven available (B1F)
● Toothbrush and toothpaste set/shaver set paid for (pre-payment)


Reservation inquiries: 070-8057-1131 / info-sel@hennnahotel.com

*Please contact us for reservations after July.