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Yeouido Hangang Park Swimming Pool

ใ€๐Ÿ›ธHenn na Hotel Seoul myeongdong๐Ÿ›ธใ€‘

A swimming pool is the best place to enjoy summer!

Today, we introduce you to an outdoor swimming pool that the whole family can enjoy in Seoul.

It is Yeouido Hangang Park Swimming Pool.

There are also many snack bars selling delicious food next to the swimming pool, so you can enjoy it together.

How about taking a rest in Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong after having fun in the pool?


<Opening period>

June 24th (Fri) to August 21st (Sun)

<Opening hours>

Every day 09:00~19:00


-Adult (over 19 years old) : 5,000 WON

-Teenager (13~18 years old) : 4,000 WON

-Children (6~12 years old) : 3,000 WON

-Under 6 years old : free