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Guinness World Records certified as the world’s first hotel where robots work.
Finally, we made our first foray into the popular city of neighboring Korea, Seoul, South Korea.
Located in the center of sightseeing.
Complimentary Wi-Fi.
In charge of room cleaning at a Japanese cleaning company.
24-hour standby employees who can speak Korean and other languages.
A new hotel built and constructed by a Japanese construction company called ‘TSUCHIYA’.

Simple check-in service using a smartphone (please press the play button)


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Get Ready!
Dinosaurs heading for Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong to welcome guests! >>


We provide new and smart hotel service.
Two space robots will support your check-in and check-out procedures in Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeongdong.
They speak various languages (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese) also you can check-in and get your room key automatically using kiosk.


You can meet two dinasaur robots right into the lobby.
They will greet you which look like to jump out beyond time.


If you order the necessary amenities using Giga Genie in the room, a delivery robot that can speak English, Korean, and Japanese will bring them to the front of the room.
When the delivery robot knocks on your door, please open the drawer and take out amenities.

GIGA GENIE [Voice assistant device]

Giga Genie, the world’s first device that provides exclusive intelligence services for hotels, provides special services.
If you use Giga Genie in the room, you can contact the front desk or request amenities.

50-inch Samsung Smart TV

IPTV is installed in all rooms, so you can enjoy various TV channels 24 hours a day.
You can watch lively videos such as Netflix*, YouTube, movies, sports, and concerts on large-scale high-definition TV.
*Need a personal account