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Henna Hotel Seoul Myeong-dong offers breakfast as follows from March 01. Please refer to it for use.

조식 사진

Place : The first floor, Restaurant “Table B”

Opening Hours : 07:00-10:00

Price : 5,900won per person (Special discount for guests applied when paying at the front desk.)

menu : ✔️French toast & Chili rice cake stir-fry+A cup of Americano

                   ✔️Croissant with Bulgogi+A cup of Americano

                   ✔️Vegetable fried rice&Sausage+A cup of Americano

                   ✔️Instant noodle&Fried tofu rice balls+A cup of Americano

                   ✔️Udon&Frided tofu rice balls+A cup of Americano

(The menu can be changed due to the restaurant’s circumstances, and there will be an additional fee for changing the type of coffee.)

◾Breakfast will be served as a lunchbox until further notice due to COVID-19, and fees and menus can be changed without further notice.

Inquiry: 070-8057-1131 / info-sel@hennnahotel.com